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2020 NBA Draft prospects tracker: Deni Avdija, Devon Dotson, Immanuel Quickley, make declarations

During the pre-draft process last year, 175 underclassmen made themselves available for the draft. With just less than two weeks until the declaration deadline this year, it appears that number will come in well under last year’s mark.

Due to uncertainty surrounding the process, we’re seeing an uptick in players staying put as opposed to testing the process to get feedback — in part because the opportunity to do so is significantly reduced amid the pandemic. Not only can players not workout for teams in person or interview in person, but teams can’t request video workouts from prospects and are limited to just two hours of interviews per player per week. It leaves a hole in a normally robust draft process that is pushing many players back to school.

Not all of them though. Over the last few weeks more than 100 players from the international and college ranks have made themselves available for this year’s draft. Kentucky lost its entire starting backcourt in addition to Nick Richards, Duke lost its starting point guard and big man, and Kansas, too. We have just over a week left before the deadline to find out who else may take a hit for next season.

As draft commitments continue to roll in throughout the coming days and weeks, we’ll monitor each with our continuously updating tracker below along with each player’s updated projections. Remember, these are all subject to change due to new NCAA legislation that allows players to test the draft process and either stay in the draft or return to college dependent upon feedback they receive. The deadline for underclassmen to withdraw their name from the draft is June 15 at 5 p.m. ET.

2020 NBA Draft early entrants

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