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An incredible Hail Mary, Oklahoma loses, KU rocks Texas

Week 11 brought plenty of excitement, including Lamar Jackson’s jersey retirement at Louisville and a pair of Big 12 upsets against Oklahoma and Texas, both of whom are leaving the conference for the SEC. No. 13 Baylor upset No. 8 Oklahoma 27-14, and Kansas (yes, 1-8 Kansas) beat Texas in overtime. In Austin.

Miami and Florida State once again showed their true feelings for one another in a game with a bizarre ending, and Tennessee’s stars came out for a homecoming that was promptly spoiled by Georgia — all before the night games even kicked off.

Touchdown of the day

This is just an incredible Hail Mary. It was tipped multiple times!

Waco wackiness

Well first, Baylor fans rushed the field a little too early in the Bears’ upset of Oklahoma.

Why? Because Baylor decided to kick an extra field goal.

So they got to do it all over again.

Meanwhile, in Austin …

When you’ve lost 56 straight conference road games, of course you go for it. Rock Chalk.


Kansas goes for the win after its touchdown and converts the 2-point conversion to knock off Texas.

Yes, those were real scores at one point

For a brief moment, college football went off the rails.

And a couple safeties gave Old Dominion a total of 4 points.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? UConn with a brief lead over Clemson? And a high-five en route to the touchdown? We love to see it.


Brian Brewton takes the opening kickoff 99 yards to the house to give UConn the lead against Clemson.

Even upsets are bigger in Texas …

It’s all fun and games

When Ric Flair is on your side, how can you not win?

We’re here for all the kicker celebrations, including this one from Texas Tech after beating Iowa State.

Yeah, this is one way to celebrate a hard-fought win over FCS Samford.

Not exactly the goal here, but he was spot on.

Re: kicker celebrations — give us all of them.

If you’re not listening to Taylor Swift and watching college football, then what else are you doing?

Pitt got an OT win vs. North Carolina in the pouring rain and was appropriately excited about it.

Who left Josh Vann alone with this amount of time for not just a nap but some golf and a FaceTime call, among some other chores. We’ll see if it happens again this weekend.

This man needs a snack, OK?

All right, this was funny.

The stars are out

Peyton Manning has arrived for Tennessee’s game.

As has another UT great: Candace Parker.

Michael Keaton really wants some more eyes on Montana.

Scene in the stands and sidelines

Not quite sure what’s going on here, but you do you, Gus.

This is what happens when you blow a 28-3 lead.

What’s going on at Indiana?

More dogs, please.

It’s Barry Sanders Day!

Oklahoma State will honor its Heisman Trophy-winning legend with a statue and Ring of Honor celebration.

In honor of Lamar Jackson’s No. 8 jersey being retired at Louisville, you now must proceed with caution.

And here’s how Jackson is feeling about the day.

Overall, this was just really cool.

For everything regarding his jersey retirement, check this out.

Feel-good moments

Now, doesn’t this just warm your heart?

GameDay Antics

Lane Kiffin was the guest picker for Saturday, and Katy Perry definitely set him up well.

Honestly, we could watch a full hour of this.


Gene Wojciechowski takes a closer look into how dog mascots are celebrated and revered around college football campuses.

And Lee Corso’s pick is …


Lee Corso makes his headgear pick for the SEC matchup between No. 11 Texas A&M and No. 15 Ole Miss.

For all the best signs, check this out.

Latest trends

There’s a lot going on here, but what we’re interested in is the mustache.

And we have one question about this: Why?

Michigan State is breaking out the neon uniforms.

And here are Oregon’s uniforms the Ducks will wear against Washington State.

Yes. Just yes.

For more on the best uniforms, check this out.

More must-see

Good for Mercer for managing to pull this off.

Things got a little heated between Florida State and Miami.


Sidelines clear as the Seminoles and Hurricanes get heated before the fourth quarter.

But Florida State ended up with the win.

Though the game wasn’t over until … it was over.


Miami spikes the ball with less than three seconds remaining, therefore ending the game.

Please give us any and all big-man TDs.

Arizona with a blocked punt? Sure. Why not.

Notre Dame’s Logan Diggs works on his high hurdles game against Virginia.


Logan Diggs shows off his athleticism as he hurdles a tackler for a 26-yard gain vs. Virginia.

*Googles how to stop TreVeyon Henderson.*

And in another strange turn of events, Samford put up big numbers on Florida.

Whew! This is a nice grab.


Bo Nix drops a dime to Kobe Hudson, who makes an incredible one-handed grab in the end zone to extend Auburn’s lead.

No one stopping Ulysses Bentley IV.


Ulysses Bentley IV fights through the UCF defense and avoids being pulled down on his way to a 56-yard SMU touchdown.

Penn State pulled out some tricks early today.

As did Clemson.


Clemson fakes a field goal on fourth-and-goal as Will Swinney runs into the end zone to give the Tigers the lead.

Sourced from ESPN

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