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ATP Tennis Podcast: Djokovic Reflects On Turin Triumph

This week on the ATP Tennis Podcast…

NOVAK DJOKOVIC ON A NITTO ATP FINALS TITLE THAT’S BEEN WORTH THE WAIT – “I definitely felt nerves, but I felt grateful to be able to serve the match out. Seven years, it’s been a long time but at the same time, the fact I waited seven years makes this victory even bigger and even sweeter.”

CASPER RUUD ON HIS MENTALITY – “I think out of twenty-four hours that we have everyday I think that you should be able to perform two of them at least and have a good focus and put all your effort into it and that’s pretty much how I think ahead of every match.”

CARLOS ALCARAZ ON INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION – “For me it’s really important to inspire the young people. I had role models when I was a kid and for me to show good things to the young people, it’s crazy as a guy who’s nineteen years old, but that’s what I’m trying to do.”

HOLGER RUNE ON HIS AMAZING YEAR – “Crazy in every way. At the beginning of the year I was ranked 103 and [now] new [in the] Top 10. It’s [an] amazing feeling to finish the year this way and if you had a paper I would sign it straightaway at the beginning of the year. I had a goal to finish in the top 25 and now I’m top 10 so it’s even better, so I’m super-pleased and happy.”

ANDREY RUBLEV’S PHYSIO, MARC BOADA ON HIS PLAYER’S LIMITLESS ENERGY – “He wants to be the best, so no matter the amount of hours that you tell him to do, he’s going to do everything and if he’s off he really feels the need to do more, so you need to find his balance.”

RAJEEV RAM ON THE DEVELOPMENTS HE AND JOE SALISBURY HAVE MADE – “We have the same mindset which is to always try to improve something, daily, weekly, yearly whatever it is and I think something we’ve got a lot better at is just hanging in their and fighting and you’re not always going to play your best and even if someone knows you’re going to do that, that’s almost an intimidating factor in itself.”

NEAL SKUPSKI ON HIS BROTHER AND FORMER DOUBLES PARTNER KEN COACHING HIM – “It’s been a nice addition from halfway through the year. He knows me inside and out. I’ve not been the best with having a coach around me because I find it hard to trust someone as a coach telling me what to do, but from an early age I’ve always looked up to him and I trust him.”

LLOYD GLASSPOOL & HARRI HELIOVAARA ON THEIR REMARKABLE RISE – “We started playing together for the first time two years ago at a challenger event in Portugal and we were working hard last year and improving our games, but this year it just started clicking and all of a sudden we’re beating the best teams in the world and it just kept going.”

GABRIELE PARAINO ON HIS EXPERIENCE AS A HITTING PARTNER IN TURIN – “It’s really a dream to be here and to play with these players. It’s always been my dream to be here so it’s amazing. Just how they hit the ball, it’s really amazing to see them play, to feel how they hit the ball. It’s heavier, they hit it earlier and go through the ball always and I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve seen.”


– Podcast presenter: Seb Lauzier
– Interviews by Jill Craybas, Richard Connelly and Kate Flory
– Features by ATP Uncovered
– Commentary from Mikey Perera and Lee Goodall

Source Tennis – ATP World Tour

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