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Best of Week 6: Red River scoring frenzy, the inaugural East/West BBQ Bowl and more

It’s Week 6, and it’s sure to be a good one. We’ve got the Red River showdown early in the day, a top-five matchup between No. 3 Iowa and No. 4 Penn State (hey, Cincinnati, this is your time to maybe sneak into the top four with a win over Temple!) and plenty more in store this Saturday.

Check out all the results, reaction and revelry from throughout the land.

We rarely get enough time to separate trends from small-sample oddities in a 12-game college football season. A two- to three-game sample is rarely treated as a trend in any other sport, but we have almost no choice here.

I mention that because of this:

  • Texas’ offense in the first two games of 2021, with Hudson Card as starting quarterback: 346 yards per game, 5.2 yards per play, 29.5 points per game

  • Texas’ offense in the past three games with Casey Thompson taking over: 558 yards per game, 7.9 yards per play, 53.3 points per game

Read more from Bill Connelly’s Week 6 preview (ESPN+).

Full schedule: All teams | Top 25

Touchdowns of the day

Is there a cooler touchdown than this? Dapping up your teammate en route to a TD?

Give us all the views you got.

Bijan Robinson is really just built different.

And he has the approval of none other than Reggie Bush.

Scene in the stands & sidelines

Where can we buy one of these?

There seems to be a new way to call a play every single day.

GameDay antics

Yes, it really has been a long time.

And Lee Corso’s pick is …



Lee Corso makes his headgear pick in the Big 12 matchup between No. 6 Oklahoma and No. 21 Texas.

Rivalry beef (or pork, we suppose)

We’ve been waiting all season long for this. The first East/West BBQ Bowl between Gardner-Webb and Campbell. And with a trophy like this on the line that features a hog, how could you not give it your all.

So yeah, let’s get things going already! And maybe this video is a sign of things to come?

And Gardner-Webb has been focused all week long, even preparing with an eating contest.

Just in case you needed some more beef … well, pork, but you get what we mean!

It’s all fun and games

Remember when Lane Kiffin said to get your popcorn ready before Ole Miss played Alabama and then promptly lost 42-21? Well, we sure do, and so does Ole Miss. The first 5,000 fans at Saturday’s game will receive free popcorn.

Know what other game will surely be a fun time? Oh yeah, it’s the Bottom 10 Battle of the Year between UMass and UConn.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little pregame dance party?

Showing up to a tailgate in this? Sign us up!

Let’s check in on the mascots … and stray animals?

Can someone explain this to us?

Apparently a fox somehow got into the Cotton Bowl. But, hey, maybe it just wanted to get real close to the action.

Uniform updates

Are you hyped for the Red River rivalry?

Because we sure are, especially after seeing these uniforms from Oklahoma.

It’s all in the details for Ole Miss this weekend.

And Tennessee is going all dark mode.

For more on uniforms, check this out.

Look who showed up

Both governors are in attendance for the OU-Texas game.

As is good ol’ Mark Cuban

More must-see

Moments like these are what making college football what it is.

Now, who wouldn’t want to see their name laid out across an entire field? Tennessee paid tribute to one of its iconic players.

The first play of scrimmage from the Red River Rivalry, and yeah, you could say Texas is BACK.

Oooh! You gotta see the change of direction for this TD.

Now this is what we call, “perfect execution.”

Matt Corral let this one air out.

Ohio State looks like it’s leaving it all on the field today with this early TD.

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