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Frisco Bowl Brawl Between North Texas, Boise State Breaks Out

In an unexpectedly entertaining Frisco Bowl on Saturday night between North Texas and Boise State, tensions were high for the majority of the tightly contested contest.

The game was chippy, the players were trash talking throughout, and it eventually came to a head in the 3rd quarter.

With three minutes to play in the third quarter and North Texas leading 24–21, the Broncos faced a 2nd-and-15 from their own 44-yard line. Boise State quarterback Taylen Green dropped back to throw, was flushed from the pocket and darted out to his left. As he hurdled along the sideline, he took a big hit that sent him into the North Texas bench.

As Green was surrounded on the sideline by North Texas players after the hit, Boise State wide receiver Latrell Caples came flying into the frame and was seen shoving a North Texas player out of the way to get to Green.

Once Caples finished the shove, several players from both teams started fighting on the North Texas sideline in an all-out brawl.

It took the officiating crew several minutes to sort out who should be penalized from both teams, but ultimately all unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were offset and the down was replayed. In addition, there were no ejections for the several players from both teams involved in the brawl. 

Green scored on a 19-yard touchdown scamper later in the drive to give the Broncos a 28–24 lead.


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