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Hansie’s alleged bookie set to face the music … 20 years later

Cape Town – Sanjeev Chawla, the 52-year-old ‘businessman’ who was strongly linked to the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal, is being extradited to India where he will face charges of corruption.

After being outed as a cheat who took money from bookmakers back in 2000, Cronje told the story of how he first met Chawla in a Durban hotel earlier that year. 

Indian police claim to have recordings of Cronje and Chawla discussing how they would fix matches together. 

Chawla is accused of serving as the middleman between Cronje and bookmakers and, according to a report on the Daily Mail website, he is now set to return to India to face charges after having lived in London since 1996. 

According to the report, Chawla has been fighting the extradition for the last four years, but a ruling from the Court of Appeal has now ordered him to return home to India. 

Delhi police are expected to arrive in London where they will detain Chawla and he is expected to be out of England by February 20. 

Chawla was arrested in London in 2016 but, at that time, a Westminster court ruled that his safety could not be guaranteed in the Delhi jail he would be detained in. 

The Daily Mail report adds that Chawla, his wife and their two sons have been renting a £1 million, six-bedroom house in north London for the last 10 years and that he runs a catering business. 

Cronje died in an aeroplane crash in 2002. 

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