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Football quiz: José Mourinho v Tottenham Hotspur

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What happened the last time José Mourinho led out a team against Tottenham? Mourinho came out fighting after that defeat, demanding “respect, respect, respect man”. What did he say to reporters after the match, while holding up three fingers? Mourinho’s first ever game against Tottenham, in September 2004, finished 0-0.

For 13 years Spurs have tried to be more like Arsenal. It’s time to do the opposite | Barney Ronay

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The short interval since Tottenham’s wild, fun, chancy away-goals victory at Manchester City in the Champions League there has been a shared urge to draw the starkest of comparisons between the two clubs: their finances, their structure, the various degrees of faux-humble Jedi-cardigan fraudulence exhibited by their managers. It is