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Yankees, Mets have New York in a baseball state of mind

By Martin RogersFOX Sports ColumnistIf you’re a visitor to New York from out of town, you haven’t been to the gnarled old city in a minute, and you’re noticing a few more smiles on faces on the subway while wondering what it’s all about, consider for a moment that baseball

Aaron Judge headlines MLB free-agency stocks on the rise

By Jake MintzFOX Sports MLB WriterIt’s hot out, which means now might seem like a weird time to think about free agency. Well, guess what? I’m a weird guy, so I’m going to do it anyway.Every season, there are impending free-agent players in their so-called "walk year" who blow past expectations

Blue Jays keeping pace despite Matt Chapman, Vlad Jr. struggles

By Pedro MouraFOX Sports MLB Writer ANAHEIM — Projected to be one of baseball’s best this season, the Toronto Blue Jays' offense has been closer to one of the sport’s worst through nearly two months.  The rest of the roster has helped compensate for the offense’s failings, keeping the team on a