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Cycling’s hidden under-fuelling epidemic

My own experience of under-fuelling began almost a decade ago when my periods stopped in my early 20s. I asked a coach if I should be worried. “Not at all,” she responded. “When I was a pro, no one had periods.” My GP was equally dismissive: “Not having periods is

Christmas eating: Festive food swaps (video)

Christmas is traditionally a time of overindulgence, but you don’t need to pig out and pile on the pounds. Eat the right seasonal treats and you won’t have to worry about your waistline. In fact, some festive foods may even help your cycling

Tips for effective rest and recovery after cycling

One man, ginger man sleeping tight, getting up early soon.Everybody’s heard it said that recovery is as important as training — Peter Stuart looks at what you could be doing to optimise the adaptation process while you’re off the bike