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The Daily Dubble – 9/29/20


The squad returned to Chase Center for Day 7 of Warriors Minicamp, presented by Oracle NetSuite, ready to lace up for another day in the lab.

The Warriors continue to work hard as they ramp up the pace of play with more drills and scrimmages in the Dubble.

Mychal Mulder took to the mic to speak with media, sharing what he’s learned from this minicamp and the advice he’s received from veteran players.

“The main advice that guys have given to me and other guys in the locker room is just to stay ready,” Mulder said. “There’s so much uncertainty about the future, uncertainty about what’s going to happen next. Obviously it’s all of our jobs to stay ready, keep our nose to the grindstone, keep working every day so that whenever we get back on the court to compete we’re all going to be ready for that.”

Wearing a ‘Good Trouble’ t-shirt and face mask with the word VOTE spelled out in bold letters, the 26-year-old guard also emphasized the importance of civic participation in the upcoming election, stating, “Me being from Canada, I can’t vote in this election. But I think it’s extremely important for everybody who can to get out in this coming election. Everybody’s voice is important. Some people feel like they’re not heard and we got to prove that’s not true.”

As Mulder said, staying ready is key as the Dubs remained active through the seventh day of the Dubble.

Health and safety remain a top priority while the Warriors are in the Dubble, ensuring the program continues to benefit all participating players, coaches and other team staff. More to come from inside the Dubble in the days ahead.

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