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Warriors’ Draymond Green reveals true height, calls out doubters in Instagram post

After years of fudging the numbers, the NBA is making it a point of emphasis this season to collect accurate heights for every player in the league. This is bad news for a lot of players whose heights have been exaggerated, sometimes as far back as their high school days.

Rookie sensation Zion Williamson has reportedly dropped an inch from his listed Duke height, and many felt that Warriors All-Star Draymond Green might be the next victim of the new measurements. Considering that Steve Kerr — Green’s own coach — has publicly stated that he thinks his undersized forward is more in the 6-5 range rather than his listed 6-7, it wouldn’t have been a shock to see a drop in Green’s height.

Never one to back away from controversy, Green came forward on Wednesday to set the record straight. He took video of himself being measured, and was delighted to reveal that his height without shoes is 6-6, not 6-5 as some may have predicted.

“All y’all talking about I’m 6-5, here come the real measurement,” Green said in the post. ” … 78 inches — 6-6.”

The tail end of the post was also accompanied by the text, “Now get off my back!! Best 6’5 center to ever do it!”

Now you may be asking, “isn’t Green still shorter than his listed height — why is he bragging?” Great question. The 6-7 measurement that he’s had for his entire NBA career was taken with shoes on. Sneakers generally add at least an inch to a player’s height, so the fact that he measured in at 6-6 means he’s pretty much the height he’s supposed to be.

You can count a certain CBS Sports NBA writer among those who thought Green would measure in around 6-5, so you can see why Green wanted to set the record straight. No matter what height, Green does things on the court that very few players of his size has been able to do, and he has the championships and accolades to prove it.

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